Developing Feather-Weight Webservices with JavaScript

Developing Featherweight Web Services with JavaScript



  1. Cover: Developing Featherweight Web Services with JavaScript
  2. Introduction & purpose
  3. Example services in this manual
  4. Publisher’s page


  1. Featherweight web services
  2. Remotely called JavaScript with local configuration
  3. Pangrams for typographers
  4. Pangrams in action
  5. Passing JavaScript arguments via the src attribute
  6. Configurable greeking
  7. greeking.js in action
  8. Object orientating and prototypes
  9. Args()
  10. Query catching for fun and profit
  11. Using JS code libraries
  12. On target with WhiskerBiscuit
  13. WhiskerBiscuit in action


  1. Custom and extended object classes
  2. Major changes and errata
  3. Brief survey of JS web services
  4. Unfinished and proof of concept services
  5. Bibliography and recommened resources
  6. Licenses and terms of use
  7. About the author
Web Developing Featherweight Web Services with JavaScript
This is version 0.57b of this manual. It is a beta version with some gaps. We are grateful for feedback.

The code is the manual has not yet been fully tested against Internet Explorer. Bug reports are welcome.
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