Developing Feather-Weight Webservices with JavaScript

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This is an elektrum press publication #00041; version 0.57b. First version released 15 March 2005. Updates noted on this page. Major changes and errata.

The cover photograph was taken by Julie Pond, neé Eagleton.

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In 2004 the press began to contemplate how huge open source technology has been for its continued presence and increasing reach. We decided to venture into some technical publishing to give back to the community—all our tech articles and manuals are free online—and to augment our catalog, reputation, and revenue.

Our first tech manual online, Developing Feather-Weight Web Services with JavaScript, debuted in early 2005. We hope to have many more excellent technical resources and regular updates to The Elektrum Review soon and into the future.

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Web Developing Featherweight Web Services with JavaScript
This is version 0.57b of this manual. It is a beta version with some gaps. We are grateful for feedback.

The code is the manual has not yet been fully tested against Internet Explorer. Bug reports are welcome.
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