Developing Feather-Weight Webservices with JavaScript

Example services in this manual

All the services in this manual are necessarily concerned with web pages and either add or modify content in them. There are three that we develop piece by piece: pangrams, greeking, and WhiskerBiscuit.

Various tangents appear in Unfinished and proof of concept services and as example code like the Days Old service in Using JS code libraries, part 2.


Pangrams for live demonstrations of typeface palettes.


Automatic and configurable greeking to flesh out templates and layouts without real content.


Self-targeting Associates advertisements.

Appendix services

Extra, new, simplisitic, or proof of concept web services appear in the Appendix. They are not as thoroughly treated as the main chapters. See Unfinished and proof of concept services for what’s available.

Terms of use and software licenses

See Licenses and terms of use.

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Web Developing Featherweight Web Services with JavaScript
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